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From Funky to Reset - The key to an Interior Air Quality Reset!

Are you tired of entering your car only to be greeted by strange, unpleasant odors? We've got your back! At So Cleen Detailing, we understand that not all odors are created equal, and tackling them requires a tailored approach. So, buckle up as we take you on a journey to fresher, cleaner air in your beloved vehicle!

First up, let's sniff out those pesky odors and uncover their hidden causes. From burning rubber to that lingering gas smell, we decode the signs your car is sending you:

  • Burning Smell: This could be a red flag for clutch issues, electrical shorts, or even oil leaks. Yikes!

  • Gas Odor: Not just a spillage mishap; it might signal fuel system leaks or regulator malfunctions.

  • Vinegar Scent: Is it mold or mildew lurking in your air system? Time to check for moisture or clogged drainage.

  • Rotten Eggs: That unmistakable sulfur smell means trouble with transmission fluid leaks or catalytic converters.

  • Sweet Aroma: Don't be fooled by the maple syrup scent—it could spell trouble with coolant leaks and engine overheating.

trash bags of food and soiled clothing in trunk

But wait, there's more! From the unmistakable waft of smoke to funky gym gear left behind, we've seen it all:

  • Organic Odors: Whether it's a hint of marijuana or the musty aftermath of forgotten food, we've got solutions for every scent.

Now, let's roll up our sleeves and get to work! Our expert treatment options don't just mask odors; we tackle them head-on for long-lasting freshness.

Here's how we do it:

Steam treatment on interior seats
  1. Option One - Fresh Start: We kick things off with a thorough vacuum and surface cleaning, banishing dirt and grime from upholstery and carpets. Then, we spritz soft surfaces with an odor-neutralizing spray and leave behind a delightful scent of your choice.

  2. Option Two - Steam Power: Level up with a steam treatment that goes deep into the fabric, breaking down organic compounds and leaving surfaces squeaky clean. Say goodbye to stubborn odors with this powerful combo of heat and cleansing agents.

  3. Option Three - Odor Obliteration: For the ultimate odor-fighting solution, we opt for our vehicle deodorization kit in addition to the steps mentioned above! Powered by chlorine dioxide tablets, this innovative treatment eliminates odors on a molecular level, leaving your car smelling fresh and clean without any harmful residues. This option is very similar to what you've likely read with an ozone treatment but much safer, effective, and healthy for you and the environment!

So, why settle for a less-than-fresh ride? Trust So Cleen Detailing to banish odors and keep your car smelling like new. Book your air quality reset service today and breathe easy on your next drive!

Learn more about products used with air quality resets @ About – BioBombs, LLC

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