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Ceramic Coatings Near
Twentynine Palms & Palm Springs


Ceramic Coatings & New Car Prep

Starting at $800

Our Ceramic Coating process & What's included!


Clean & Prep

All surfaces (including emblems, trim and glass) are cleaned and decontaminated either chemically or mechanically (clay bar) to remove any grime, dirt, traffic film, iron & iron particles


Polish Enhancement

Painted surface (body) will get a basic polish to prep the paint for adhesion or bonding of the ceramic coating as well as helping reduce any minor imperfections or swirls


Wheels coated

Wheel facing will be coated during this process. 

*Add on service available - Ceramic coating barrels with wheel removal @ $75/ wheel.


Wheel/Tire Cleaning

Tires, Wheels, wheel wells/arches are deep cleaned and decontaminated to ensure proper bonding with sealant.  Tires are dressed to the desired gloss level (matte to gloss)


Trim & Glass Coating

Trim & glass will be prepped or polished to ensure proper bonding and ceramic coating will be applied


Ceramic Coating application

The paint undergoes thorough application of a single layer of ceramic coating.  Coating will need 7 to 14 days of curing time before a wash can be completed.

Interior Ceramic Coating Add-On

  • Carpet, floor mats & seats are cleaned and treated with ceramic coating spray to resist staining and spills.

  • Leather is delicately cleaned and protected with a specific leather coating

  • Plastic or vinyl surfaces are cleaned and protected with a surface specific coating

  • Pricing starts at $200 based on condition & size of vehicle

Why a Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings stand out as one of the most effective ways to safeguard your vehicle's appearance. With over a decade of experience, So Cleen Detailing exclusively utilizes top-tier ceramic coatings from trusted brands providing up to 5 years of protection when paired with our maintenance packages.

Advantages to a Coating?

The advantages of ceramic coatings are numerous. They boast exceptional durability, self-cleaning properties, and resistance to environmental contaminants. Particularly beneficial in the Joshua Tree and Palm Springs region, these coatings excel at protecting against the diverse weather conditions, including rain, snow, and intense UV exposure.

What is a Ceramic Coating

It's a durable liquid shield that forms a hard, permanent layer on your vehicle's surface. Unlike traditional waxes, ceramic coatings are silica-based and offer unparalleled longevity and resistance to environmental hazards.

In Summary...

While traditional waxes may enhance shine temporarily, they pale in comparison to the lasting protection provided by ceramic coatings. Our coatings endure for years, far surpassing the lifespan of waxes and sealants commonly used in the area. Entrust us with maintaining your ceramic-coated vehicle, and we'll ensure it remains gleaming and shielded against the elements for years to come. Contact us today to experience the So Cleen Detailing difference firsthand!

If you’d like more information about our coating packages, get in touch with us today.

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