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Transform Cloudy Headlights with our Headlight Restoration Service: Enhance Your Nighttime Driving Experience!

Foggy or cloudy headlights not only take away from your vehicle's overall appearance but also compromise your safety and the safety of others on the road!

There are quite a few options to fix this problem, you can replace the entire lens causing the added expense in parts & labor, you can buy an over-the-counter DIY kit from your local auto parts store or you can have a professional detailer help restore your headlights.

See below for my comprehensive guide to the process that I complete for customers looking to have this service done. I'll include the steps, tools & products used and provide you with a video if you'd like a more detailed view of the process!

Why would you need a Headlight Restoration?

There are a few different reasons that could be affecting the clarity or view of your headlights.

cloudy headlight

One of the main reasons is oxidation!

Oxidation attacks the polycarbonate plastic because over time the plastic deteriorates and becomes fragmented. This allows the UV radiation and external contaminants from the environment to permeate the plastic and cause it to yellow or cloud on the surface.

Secondly is Time & weather!

This ties into oxidation as well but with time and driving in all kinds of weather the outer layer of the lenses will break down, exposing the plastic to various contaminants that will continue to break down that coating layer meant to protect the lens.

condensation headlight

Thirdly, water or condensation build-up!

This damage will occur on the inside of the lens. This can be due to damage to the housing itself or cracking that allows moisture to build up causing damage to the inside of the headlight. This cannot be fixed with a headlight restoration - in most cases, the solution to this is to replace the whole headlight assembly.

The Restoration Process:

Depending on the severity of the oxidation or damage to the surface of the lens there are 2 plans of attack to remove and replace the full clarity of the headlight.

Sanding vs polishing - If the headlight has extreme oxidation we'll begin with a course sanding process and slowly increase to a fine sanding approach followed by a compound and polishing stage. If headlights have minimal oxidation we'll skip the sanding steps and go straight to compound and polish to remove the light layer of oxidation.

The sanding stages start with a course level of sanding at 800 grit followed by 1000, 1200 or 1500, 2000, and the final stage of 3000 grit sanding

This process will allow the gradual removal of oxidation and ensure we receive full crystal clear clarity before we head into the polishing stage.

The compound & polish phase for low or minimal oxidation allows preservation of the outer coating on the headlight and allowing us to remove the thin layer of oxidation.

Once the headlight has been restored to OEM clarity and full visibility with all oxidation and deterioration removed, we'll apply a layer of premium durable ceramic coating

Now that the headlight has been sanded, polished and coated its ready for it's new life! You'll regain clarity, vision and above all safety restored for you and others on the road while you drive at night!

Here are some before and after pictures of our most recent clients who chose our headlight restoration service!

Honda CRV cloudy headlight
Honda CRV - Before

Honda CRV after headlight restoration
Honda CRV - After

honda fit with cloudy headlight
Honda Fit - Before

honda fit after headlight restoration
Honda Fit - After

porsche oxidized headlight
Porsche Cayman - Before

porsche after headlight restoration
Porsche Cayman - After

If you live in the high desert or Coachella Valley - So Cleen Detailing can give you this service with guaranteed results! Rest assured that when you ask yourself "Where can I get my headlights restored in Twentynine Palms, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, and beyond?" The only answer is So Cleen Detailing!

Here's a full-length video of the process that includes the tools, products & process in detailed explanation from our YouTube channel - be sure to follow for more content on all of the services we provide!

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